Italian Electronic Translators

Electronic Translators

If you are planning on a trip to Italy in the near future, and you are not confident that you
are proficient enough at speaking Italian, then I've listed some electronic translators that
you can take on your trip. Electronic translators can be used mostly for basic situations,
such as shopping, or if you experience an emergency. It may be unreasonable to expect to be
able to hold an in depth discussion on politics while relying solely on this device.
4.1 stars out of 76 reveiews
3.4 stars out of 9 reviews
3.4 stars out of 55 reviews
3.5 stars out of 17 reviews
I base my electronic translator suggestions on reviews that I have read around the net. If I
saw too many issues with the quality of the product, or if it didn't have enough reviews to
give an acceptable concensus on the overall value, I did not list it. Nyrius and Franklin were
the two brands that stood out. They each have generally good reviews, though there were
issues with their cheaper models. Overall, you get what you pay for, but each brand dose
have economical models that were well received by consumers.
Product Features

Displays and Speaks the Translated Phrase

Cross-Translates 11 International Languages

5,040 travel-related phrases.

The ENTOURAGE fits in the palm of your hand and can be placed conveniently in a
pocket or purse for easy access.
Product Features

Includes over 12000 phrases in 12 different languages

Hear over 115000 and 12000 phrases pronounced in recorded human speech

Large screen

Spell correction lets you enter words as they sound
Product Features

Cross-translate 12 international languages

8400 built-in phrases

Device speaks the foreign phrases aloud

Integrated alarm clock and data bank with password lock
Product Features

Use the LCD screen to display translated phrases or let the built-in speaker
pronounce it for you.

Cross-Translates 7 International Languages

5,040 travel-related phrases allow you to find your desired phrase quickly

Sleek & Compact
Italianize Yourself