Italianize Yourself - Italian Lesson 10: Review
10- In depth
In lesson 10 we go over the things we learned in the 101 section taking a
better look at them and learning how to use them better.

K (kappa)
Y (ipsilon)
W (doppia vu)
X (ics)
J (i lunga)
These letter are not part of the Italian alphabet so you won't find them in many Italian words
(only in foreign words that are also used in Italian: i.e. yoghurt) but you need to know how to
spell them.
There are many idiomatic expressions with the verb avere:

ho fame
ho sete
ho sonno
ho caldo
ho freddo
ho paura
ho torto
ho ragione

I am hungry
I am thirsty
I am sleepy
I am hot
I am cold
I am afraid
I am right
I am wrong
Articles are very used in Italian, especially the definite article.
General use:
indefinite article
- something generic: un libro
definite article
- something specific: il libro di Andrea

Here are some specific contexts where you need to use the definite article:

1- dates and days of the week:
il mio compleanno e' il ventuno Dicembre / studio Italiano il Martedi'e il Venerdi'
in the second example, using the definite article indicates that the action is repeated (I study Italian on
Tuesdays and Fridays)

2- before a possessive pronoun (except for family members in the singular form, remember?):
le mie sorelle / mio

3- with an abstract noun: la pace, la felicita'..
An alternative to come stai? could be the more colloquial:

come va?
come butta?
come te la passi?

how is it going?

how have you been doing?
There are more simple prepositions in Italian that indicate the position:

in front of
above / on